Saudi Crown Prince Vows to Return the Country to Moderate Islam

In an interview October 24 with The Guardian, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman described the ultra-conservative condition of the country for the past 30 years as “not normal.”

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

He stated the rigid doctrines that have governed society have been a reaction to the Iranian revolution, which successive leaders “didn’t know how to deal with.”

“We are simply reverting to what we followed—a moderate Islam open to the world and all religions. 70% of the Saudis are younger than 30, honestly we won’t waste 30 years of our life combating extremist thoughts, we will destroy them now and immediately.”

The crown prince’s comments are the most emphatic he has made during a six-month reform program that has tabled cultural reforms and economic incentives, unimaginable during recent decades during which the kingdom has been accused of promoting a brand of Islam that underwrote extremism.

extremism Saudi Arabia crown prince Mohammed bin Salman